As an author with a decade and a half's worth of publications under my belt, I have come to learn that specific, actionable feedback from a gifted editor is worth its weight in gold. Sara is perhaps the most gifted editor I've ever worked with. She has improved my stories from the big-picture structural level down to the specific word choice micro-level with her keen eye for detail and her incisive understanding of the art and craft of effective storytelling. Sara's critiques are unquestionably worth their weight in gold. Mark Wright, Ph.D.

Sara offers wonderful insight into my story structure, vocabulary choice, character development, and tension. She is quick and thorough with her feedback. Sara also reads and records manuscripts. She offers an audiobook quality recording that helps me identify areas that require improvement in my writing. I can tell when my stories are ready for submission based on these recordings. Chloe Ward

Sara goes above and beyond, delivering a critique that is both exceptional and encouraging. She skillfully suggests where to trim and tighten. She considers the contribution of each word, phrase, line, and section, highlighting what's working at what's not. I would trust any manuscript to her, and I wouldn't dream of submitting something without Sara's eyes on it first. Amy Leskowski

Sara offers extensive, straightforward, clear, and on-point reviews. What I appreciate the most is that she offers ideas on how to improve your manuscript. When you receive a critique from Sara, she goes above and beyond, not only highlighting what is not working, but she also asks questions in order for the author to deep dive into the story, and re-think the parts that are troublesome. I strongly recommend taking advantage of her amazing critiques, you won't regret it! Roberta Abussi

Sara offers thoughtful and meticulous manuscript critiques. Her comments always provide thought-provoking questions that help writers raise the stakes in each story. In addition to offering feedback on ways to tighten a manuscript, Sara has a gift for finding places that don't move the story along. I've always found her suggestions incredibly helpful in the editing and revision process. If you're stuck with your story or need help brainstorming ideas, Sara's comments will push you in the right direction. She also offers an audio recording feature. Having someone else read your story is so beneficial in the revision process! I highly recommend her services. Sarah Rose

Sara offered thoughtful and actionable feedback on my middle grade manuscript that allowed me to see what needed improvement. Her story-level edits pointed out holes and discrepancies, and her scene-level edits offered insights on how to improve pacing dialogue, and action. She also provided the encouragement I needed to continue revising. Cristina Raymer

I was starting to feel a bit deflated with my picture books and more and more convincing myself that I'm not a picture book writer. But then hearing Sara read my story made it come to life, and she read it so beautifully. It was just what I needed to inspire me again. Lydia Loeber

If you are looking to take your stories to the next level then look no further because Sara's critiques will do that and more, as they are so helpful and insightful. Her ability to see the big picture, identify issues with the story, and employ her sharp editing skills are stellar. I highly recommend Sara's critique service. Rozana Rajkumari

Having Sara bring your words to life in an audiobook recording is the most amazing gift you can give yourself as a writer. Her beautiful tone as she reads your words aloud is extremely helpful, as you will find yourself deciding whether the intent of your words actually comes across on the page. I highly recommend Sara's services to anyone looking to bring their work alive. Tara Shiroff

Sara's no-nonsense approach to editing my stories has helped me get unstuck many times. If you need to trim down your word count or help with word choice, she's your girl. Her guiding questions and insights have been an invaluable part of my kidlit writing journey. Danielle Sharkan

Sara gave detailed feedback on my middle grade fantasy novel, including questions about each chapter and notes about words I overused. She also gave overall feedback on plot points and character arcs. I especially appreciate that she pointed out strong areas, so I could be sure to keep those as I revised. Nicole Loos-Miller

Sara provided a comprehensive critique of my chapter book manuscript with extensive big-picture suggestions and detailed chapter-by-chapter notes. Her positive yet constructive feedback provided clear steps for revisions. She exceeded expectations. Christine Alemshah