Sara Kruger

reader, writer, editor


I love to read, write, and edit -- not necessarily in that order -- and I've been doing some form of all those things my whole adult life. After earning my degree in Journalism, I dabbled in writing newspaper articles before moving on to all levels of the editing process. I'm an adoptive mom of two, and I've been writing picture book manuscripts since bringing my eldest home, inspired by the desire to give him stories that reflect his experience. I'm active in the kidlit community, and I am a member of Julie Hedlund's 12x12 Picture Book Challenge.

I grew up in the suburbs but since I got married, I’ve lived in the capital cities of two countries and presently live in a state capital city. I love the energy, culture, and history of a capital city. I also love languages and have studied French, Italian, and American Sign Language, all of which have gone unused for too long. I’m a terrible gardener but an excellent baker, which is both wonderful and … not. Fortunately, I truly enjoy most vegetables. In fact, I could eat a whole head of roasted broccoli florets. So it all balances out.